Caesar Zwolle
Strategy + Design 

Strategist and full stack designer who helps organizations to create products, services and systems that matter. 

Currently product designer at Crisp. Previously at fundaPeerbyNorse Projects and YES!Delft.  

LinkedIn / Medium / E-mail

A selection of work. Plus, I'm working on the awesome Crisp App. Previously, I worked on the funda search experience and made a crowdfunding website for Make-a-Wish Foundation. 

Through the grapevine

What the people say that I've collaborated closely with over the past eight years. 

Hugo van der Spek

Founder - swimming aid with a mission

"His ability to combine long-term strategies with concrete design implementations has made him one of the organization its Most Valuable Players."

Quirine van Walt Meijer

Senior designer in Conversational AI at Microsoft

"I believe Caesar to be extremely motivated to create meaningful strategies. He is a team player and I would definitely like to work with him again!"

Erik Roscam Abbing

Group director of innovation at Livework studio

"He strikes the right balance between design creativity, user empathy, strategic insight and technological understanding."

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Clients & employers

Some of the great companies I've worked with. Within these High Tech Startups, SME's and Corporates I've contributed to strategy, design and user validation in various stages of the product development cycle.