Your go-to Real Estate Platform.  

At funda, my role is to craft and validate the User Experience for property seekers. My responsibilities span consumer touch points, including Buying, Renting, Newly Build and Recreation. With over 7 million unique users/month and +40 million unique sessions/month, working at funda taught me how to create design systems that work at scale. Also, it showed me how important cross-functional collaboration is. 

- Search & Find flows
- Filters
- Contextual search
- Contact flow 
- Advertisements
- User research, experimental validation

Personal object evaluation

Personalized, context-driven home evaluation.

With my team, I introduced ways to evaluate the suitability of a home in a personal way. We discovered that next to object characteristics, personal context plays a vital role in the Search Journey.

We enable users to add Personal Points of Interest and see to what extend these are reachable from the object location. It helps users answer questions such as 'Can I reach this house within 30 minutes by train?' and 'How long will it take me from this house to my parents place?' 

This can now be experienced in an integrated way, without leaving the comfort of the funda platform. 

Click or tap the mockups for pause/play. 

Neighborhood facilities 

When searching for a house, surroundings matter. Let's explore the neighborhood.

When reviewing a property, we enable you to explore the neighborhood. A full screen map experience gives you an overview of shops, public transport stations, schools and childcare. Opening hours and contact information is included. 

In addition, you can save your favorites and reuse them next time your browsing for houses in the neighborhood. 

People, front and center

Learning-driven product improvements.

Beyond anything else, our users are most important. To serve them well, deep understanding of their needs and wants is paramount. Our User Research consists of a mix of quantitative and qualitative approaches and continuous built-measure-learn cycles allow us to incrementally enhance the value we deliver to them.  

Based on user signals, patterns are extracted and in combination with our vision and expertise, improvements are made. After implementation user satisfaction is actively measured and acted upon. 

Project information
○ Design Strategy,  User Research, UX/UI Design
Client ○ Funda 
Team ○ M. Da Rosa, R. Cavalho, R. Barbosa, M. Budeas, O. Gutescu, S. Aoudjan-Dekker, A.J. van Rees, C. Zwolle
Year ○ 2017 - 2019