Philips iVault 

Cloud-enabled medical server.

Philips iVault is a server that enables clinics and hospitals to store and share medical images with caregivers, patients and 3rd parties. The iVault is part of Philips PACS, which is a Product-Service-System that enables hospitals to manage their medical images. It ties into the cloud-based Philips Digital Health Platform, connecting healthcare products and services, into a smart network of healthcare solutions.

- User research, user observation and interviews 
- User research, journey and pain point mapping
- Design strategy 
- Product hardware- and UX design
- Hardware prototyping

Bridging the gap

iVault puts PACS within reach of small hospitals.

Due to the physical footprint and the costs of previous systems, PACS could only be obtained by large hospitals with a dedicated server room. iVault puts PACS in reach of small hospitals since it’s a cloud-controlled plug-and-play device. In case of disk-failure spare disks, located within the device, are activated via the cloud. This diminishes on-site maintenance and lowers cost-of-ownership. The modular design enables stand-alone functionality, while retaining compatibility with 19-inch server racks.

Project information
Client ○ Philips Healthcare U.S.A.
Team ○ Ir. C. Zwolle, Ir. L. Veerman, Ir. M. de Schipper, Ir. Mick Winters, Ir. J. Schwering, Ir. C. Ramirez
Advisors ○ Dr. Ir. B. H. M. Gerritsen, Dr. Ir. M. Hajian
Year ○ 2014