YES!Delft 1-2-Startup

A Startup Weekend for budding entrepreneurs. 

1-2-STARTUP is a 72 hour event that kick-starts new companies. It is organized by YES!Delft together with the Delft University of Technology. During the weekend participants create a startup within 72 hours. Entrepreneurs, coaches and investors provide guidance and assess the results. I had the honor being the executive chairman of the organizing committee. 

The weekend teaches entrepreneurial skills in an hands-on environment and therefore the weekend revolves around learning-by-doing. It brings together students, graduates and PhDs from various backgrounds including Computer Science, Business, Engineering and Design. 

- Executive Chairman of Organizing Committee 
- Strategic- and creative direction
- Team management 



Brought to you by Europe's finest incubator.

1-2-STARTUP is hosted by YES!Delft, Europe’s finest incubator.  YES!Delft stood at the basis of successful ventures such as Senz Umbrellas, Ampelmann, Epyon Power (now ABB), Eternal Sun, NightBalance and Tygron. 

In 2018 YES!Delft ranked 2nd best among 400 incubators, across 70 countries. The incubator is responsible for the support of 160 startups, the creation of 1000 jobs and +300 million Euro investment since its conception in 2005 (UBI Index, 2018).

Project information
○ YES!Delft
Team ○ Ir. R. Brockhus, Ir. A. Moore, Ir. B. van der Boor, Ir. E. Pucci, Ir. C. Zwolle
Year ○ 2013